ROZ Wrist Handbag

$2.99 inc. GST

The Roz Wrist Handbag with Strap enables easy to carry freeing up both your hands.

Wristlet Zipper Handbag and Clutch.

Multi-Uses for storing personal items in your main handbag.

Great Gift For Yourself or Your Friend.

NeoYou ROZ Wrist Handbag
ROZ Wrist Handbag

$2.99 inc. GST

Product Details


ROZ WRIST HANDBAG: Multi-use Zipper Travel Bag. Keep your essential oils bottles, makeup, brushes, makeup, or toiletries easy to find.

ROZ Wrist Bag is an idea as a durable multi-use bag made from Polyester and washable.

The Wrist Band is stitched into the sidewall seam for added strength if carrying weight items such as essential oil bottles.

ROZ wrist Bag is ideal as a giveaway or promotional bag.

ROZ Bag sold separately, Accessories not Included.

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Weight 0.400 kg
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