Essential oil therapy is a range of therapies that use essential oils or any other aromatic plant compound. These therapies can be traditional, complementary, or alternative.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are substances extracted from plants, capturing their “essence”. Specific aromatic compounds give each essential oil a unique scent. For almost 6,000 years now, these oils are being used to improve a person’s well-being.

Essential oils are collected through mechanical methods (e.g., cold pressing) or distillation. Once extracted, the oil is mixed with carrier oil to make it ready for consumption. The carrier oil dilutes the essential oil so that it’s mild enough for your skin.

Essential oils prepared using chemical processes are not classified as true essential oils.


“You can enjoy the benefits of essential oils through inhalation by evaporating them into the air using a diffuser. These oils can also be administered topically; just make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.”, remarks Shane Perry, a life coach at MaxFunding.



Stress is almost impossible to avoid. The best thing we can do is to learn how to manage it effectively.

Research shows that inhaling lavender essential oil can lower blood pressure, modulate heart rate, and relax the muscles.  Lemongrass, chamomile, geranium, and jasmine essential oils are also known as stress busters.


According to research, 1 in 7 Australians suffers from anxiety. While there are medical treatments available, some people would like to complement these with a natural approach.

A 2017 review showed that aromatherapy using lavender oil might effectively reduce anxiety before a surgical procedure and during the stay in the intensive care unit.


Is coffee not giving you enough boost? Do you feel exhausted all the time?

Essential oils may be able to invigorate your senses. Most citrus oils, particularly lemon, are loaded with terpenes (plant aromatic compounds) with natural energising effects.

Studies show that inhaling peppermint essence can enhance performance and concentration. So, if you have a busy day at work or training for a competition, think of putting a few drops into the diffuser. For topical application, use an amber glass with a roller ball


5 Healing benefits of essential oils

Essential oils can also do wonders for your memory, concentration, and cognitive performance.

One of the main reasons why essential oils are popular is because they contain antioxidants that can support brain health. There are also ongoing studies about the potential of these oils in treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


As per a scientific review, aromatherapy may be more effective than placebo in relieving pain—chiefly post-operative, obstetrical, and gynaecological pain.

The most popular essential oils for reducing pain are chamomile, eucalyptus, ginger, thyme, and turmeric.


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