We are Your Lifeware

We believe everyone deserves a little Luxe in their life. With the demands of work life, family life, social life, that are in people’s lives, sometimes stopping to take time out for yourself will re-energise you, to motivate you, to achieve your pleasures, that are important to YOU.

We believe just making a simple cup of tea, lighting a candle, or adding a beautiful scent from a diffuser will enrich your life. Just by using NeoYou Lifeware will create a normal cup of tea into a decadent and luxurious moment for you to enjoy.

NeoYou designs provide the latest trends that make every woman, man, girl and boy feel – fabulous. We are a daily inspiration to you. We are the first and last word in Lifeware.

We are NeoYou

NeoYou Pty Ltd, ABN 166 202 66695, operates across Australia and internationally, With a heritage of outstanding style, quality and attention to detail, Loved throughout the Southern Hemisphere, deliver up-to-the-moment Lifeware and accessories at affordable prices coupled with a world-class retail experience.

We are Passionate

At NeoYou, we’re passionate about creating simply beautiful Lifeware designs to reflect an authentically way of life.

We are Quality and Value

We’re committed to great quality and value. Our reputation is built on sourcing the very finest materials that the world has to offer, allowing us to combine top design trends with our signature of attention to detail.

NeoYou – New You New Life.

NeoYou Lifeware

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