Have you been looking for a reason to buy an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and wondered why and what are the benefits to a diffuser compared to burning candles or incense, well we list 10 reasons or even better the 10 benefits to owning a diffuser. We tried to list in points of priority, however, all the benefits rank in equal importance.

1. Good Health

Staying healthy would be a priority for all. Health + Wellbeing is top of mind for most people, therefore the uses of a quality diffuser to assist in good health are beneficial to cleanse the air we breathe, lift our spirits and to ward off the potential colds and touches of flu that are airborne which we come into contact at the office or at home. These airborne pathogens enter our bodies without us even knowing. By diffusing your favourite oil blends prevents these illnesses to take effect to keep these bugs at bay. By misting your essential oils via an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser the oils enter into the air as vapour to form an organic barrier and may even boost your immune system.

Diffusing your favourite essential oils with a diffuser like the NeoYou ENA Ultrasonic diffuser can remove the bad odours that may exist in your car cockpit pollen filters to reduce the bacteria that tend to grow in the car pollen filters. 

ENA Car Diffuser
ENA Car Diffuser

2. Diffusers are Safer Than Candles

When a diffuser runs out of water or essential oils, the device turns off automatically, weel all of the NeoYou diffuser range is a standard product feature for safety. A diffuser produces is a cool vapour mist as for a candle or incense these create heat and if you have any flammable item nearby these may be potentially hazardous if to close to a flame.An additional positive with an ultrasonic diffuser if you have small children or pets you don’t have the potential risk of candle spills, burning or little accidents that turn into major injuries.

3. A Diffuser Can Save You Money

Ask any essential oils used, what the ‘Cost Per Drop’ means. With essential oils, you only need a few recommended drops into the water tank, fill water to tank limit to mist for a couple of hours or until all day depending on the diffuser tank size and the amount of vapour dispensed by the diffuser. each diffuser has its own dispensing volume per hour based on the water tank size and ultrasonic mechanism.A candle may burn out in a day however a quality essential oil can be dispensed over many days or weeks. With a quality diffuser like the NeoYou ENA for example, you only need 2 to 3 drops of essential oil to 40mls of water at 30-second mist intervals over a duration time of 6 hours. Definitely a money saver!

4. Sleep and Meditation

Initially, diffusers were used for mind and body meditation purposes to help set the zen, the mood or assist with your style of zenlaxing. However, over time, we found other applications for these soothing mind and body meditation methods to help send us to sleep as well. By misting a sleepy essential oil blend by your bedside relaxes your mind and body to help you fall asleep. A quality diffuser should be very quiet, less than <30db (Decibels), so you should only hear the water tricks from the condensation falling back into the water tank which most of us enjoy the sound of water at night while we sleep.

5. Diffuse to set the Mood

As we discussed above to use the right essential oils to diffuse for sleeping and meditation, an essential oil bend diffused can set the mood at the office, at home, in your car or even in your hotel room. Just as one of the tips for selling your home, you should bake cookies or a cake to set the mood of a family home environment of comfort and belonging.Diffusing or misting the right essential oils can leave lasting impressions for customers in your store or visitors in your home.Setting the right mood can elevate your spirit when your feeling down or sad, can heighten your spirit when your lethargic or tired, or for that special date night or person in your life, set the atmosphere with romance in the air.

6. A Diffuser as a Travel Buddy.

ENA Travel Diffuser
ENA Travel Diffuser

Ever travelled abroad and stayed in one of those hotel rooms that smelt like a cigarette ashtray. No matter what Eau De Toilette or Cologne you drownd the hotel room in, the pungent ashtray stench lingered on.Having a diffuser as your travel companion like the NeoYou ENA to mist your prefered essential oil blends is your solution. As soon as you check in to your room plug in your diffuser to begin cleansing the air while you’re out shopping or sightseeing, for when you return to shower and sleep the room is refreshed in your favourite essential oil scent. A little mint oil can cool the room with a fresh essence of mint.

7. A Diffuser to Assist You to Breath Freely

Talking about a travel companion while you travel to freshen a room if you suffer from allergies a diffuser may reduce the allergy discomfort. Misting your prefered essential oil blend to reduce the on sort of hayfever, cold and flu, sinus inflammation and other congestions that close up your airways.

8. Diffuser for Pain Relief

as you would roll your essential oil on topically to relieve your body of pain, diffusing or misting your essential oil blend is another method of application. By misting your favourite blends to combat the persistent paid that headaches, muscular pains, and sore joints the fine mist can enter your body to aid the topically applied essential oils.

9. Diffuser to Aid Cognitive Function.

ENA Diffuser at the Office
ENA Diffuser at the Office

While at work do you find by midafternoon you’re sluggish or find it hard to stay focused. By misting certain oils these help you supercharge your brain receptors help you to concentrate. Many oils have adaptogenic compounds when misted into small air molecules aid to reduce fatigue, stress, anxiety, help imbalances in the body’s rhythm and restore hormones imbalances.

10. Diffuser for Insect Repelling

The most common essential oil used to deter those pesky mosquitoes and insects is to mist Terra-Armour. By misting these essential oils in your home deters those pesky creatures to keep them at bay.

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