How to Save Money

You may now need to watch your money more so then you did in the past so you may need to look at ways where you can save money.


If you see clothes reduced with take an extra 50% off look at these items and purchase them in a bigger size to then use for next season this is ideal when children grow very quickly. Myer does this quite often.


Supermarkets at the end of the day may reduce bakery items or there could be meat reduce that you can use for that night’s dinner.

Try by making a weekly meal  plan when you are doing this have  the weekly catalogues from the supermarket as this may give you ideas and items you are able to purchase while on special.  Whilst looking at the catalogues look at items that you use a lot or you can store and purchase extra items for example toothpaste or can food items.


Let the children get involved when doing the meal planner as they can suggest what their may like or they maybe able to cook the meal as well.

If one week you have money left over from your food budget take  that money and buy products that will last for example you may have $10 left you may use this  to buy pasta, can tomatoes, tomato paste, firstly this is not going to go off quickly just place it in your pantry.

You may have a week where there is a lot of bills coming in.  Try by eating out of your pantry and freezer so when you go to the shops you just buy what is needed to complete the meal as in fresh vegetables.

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